We are fully insured & DBS checked

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry.


How long will it take?

This all depends on how many items you have and how accessible they are.
Generally on average we can test 30 to 35 items an hour and a total of around 200 items a day.

Do I need to be tested every year?

Generally it is advisable to carry out safety inspections every 12 months, some items are advised every 6 months or even less for construction equipment. However as the duty holder it is your decision.


Is it the law to have labels attached?

No not at all, it is recommended you have PAT labels to help identify items on your inventory and to show appliance safety inspections have been done.

What happens to failed devices?

If a device fails we attach a “FAILED” label to the device and enter it onto our record sheet, we will then inform you of the failure, you then have the option to replace or repair.


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